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May 31, 2022

7 Important features That Every eCommerce Mobile App Should Have


Do you know nearly 80% of people use shopping apps while at home? It’s interesting to see how using mobile eCommerce apps with apt features can increase customer engagement by many folds. Nowadays, people are more reliant on mobile apps for purchasing their day to day essentials. 

Are you an eCommerce business owner and are looking to expand your business by using mobile apps? Hang on! Here We, WEBaniX, a leading software and mobile app development Company shares the top 7 important features that your eCommerce mobile app should include.

1. Promote Customization and make customer boarding simple

Boosting the customer shopping experience is one of the biggest eCommerce trends for high sales in 2022. Thus, enabling maximum customization in your eCommerce app becomes the top priority while developing any mobile application. This ensures high customer engagement and makes the customer’s journey more interactive while they navigate through your app.

2. Easy logins and instant information at the fingertips

In eCommerce businesses, users’ time is in direct association with user experience. In this way keeping the signup and sign-in credentials simple and easy to fetch can win the half battle. This helps in giving the user a seamless experience and also helps in reducing cart abandonment rates. 

3. Make attractive product pages

The world of eCommerce is growing wider day by day. Customers today have a range of options to choose from. Thus, your app should be designed in such a way that it catches most eyes. A well-designed product gallery with all the product images and internal links can make the experience even better. 

4. User-friendly navigation and product filtering

The user-friendly eCommerce application is considered best. Furthermore, people nowadays look forward to filtered product viewing. A mobile eCommerce app that has inbuilt filters for price, brand, color, size, etc wins more customer engagement. Using filters in your eCommerce app assists in easy navigation and thus enhances the customer shopping experience. 

5. Create a base of loyal customers

Customer loyalty and maximum customer retention can be a game-changer for any eCommerce business holder. Businesses can build a base of loyal customers by introducing various loyalty programs in mobile eCommerce apps. Users can install the application on their mobile phones and can easily access the loyalty programs, code discounts, and rewards on every purchase.  

6. Secure and easy in-app payments

Customers are more inclined towards a business with secure and easy in-app payments. Your eCommerce app should ensure transparent transaction history and dues. Also, using multi-channel payment sources including app wallet, COD, UPI, and net banking can be a smart move.

7. Personalized product recommendations & item feeds

One can consider consulting good tech service providers for developing their mobile eCommerce app that takes care of customer preferences. The customer shopping experience can be increased by multiple folds if the user has access to personalized product recommendations.

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