7 Keys To Boost Your Marble Business Online

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With changing times, digital marketing has become the quintessential
ingredient of the online market. Not leveraging it to strengthen your marble
business online can put your business at risk.

The natural stone industry is one of the most in-demand industries. If we
talk about the Indian state Rajasthan alone, it produces export-quality natural
stones that are fancied worldwide. This means that through digital marketing,
you can expand your reach to audiences everywhere in the world.

But to achieve a solid online presence, you need a solid digital marketing
strategy that involves the following key factors.

1. Know Your Audience

Understanding the personality of your customers is vital for your business.
Know what are their likes and dislikes, professional outlook, their online
approach, etc. This will help you create an ideal customer persona for your
digital marketing strategy. Remember that this also depends on whether you are
a full-service fabricator or a supplier focusing on sales and installation.
Also, determine whether you want to target only contractors/developers or also
property owners – or both.

2. Keep An Eye On Your Competitors

It is extremely important to keep track of what your competitors are doing
online to reach their customers. You can conduct thorough research on them
online. Find out who is leading with regards to digital media. And if you are
not ahead of them, make a note of things your business is missing out. Use the
strategies that can eventually put your marble business ahead. Ensure to give
more attention to the local competitors.

3. Create An Attractive Website

Your website is the pillar of your online presence. Use a cutting-edge
content management system (CMS) like WordPress to develop an access-friendly
website. You can get the job done by WordPress developers or website
development companies in USA.

Next comes the task to make your website dynamic and scalable. The online
presence of a marble business highly depends on visual marketing. The majority
of potential customers will stay on your website if you have high-quality
photos of your products. Textual content is equally important. Show customer
testimonials, case studies, and educational information that helps a customer.
Use SEO expertise to ensure that your blog tops the search results organically.
Without that, your prospects may never be able to find you.

Social Media Marketing for business

4. Website Analytics

Website analytics is crucial to measure the success of your digital
marketing strategy. It benefits in tracking your business goals, website
conversions, and user activity on your site. Without any guesswork, you can
easily identify your advertising ROI including social media campaigns. When
your website is user-ready, make sure to have Google Analytics (GA) tags on
your site and pages. Tools like GA can effectively maximize the scope of your
business online.

5. Email Marketing

As per OptinMonster, email marketing has 4400% ROI. And a 2020 report from
GetResponse shows that on average, 82% of welcome emails are opened by users.
Thus, you have the opportunity to change your prospects into your customers by
sending personalized emails to their inbox. Use this strategy to add a constant
value to your prospects. Educate them on your services and products and
encourage them to click on your website link. Or add a CTA for a store visit or

6. Leverage Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are places where you can increase your
brand popularity. Launch social media campaigns to target people that may turn
into your customers. Facebook offers Custom Audiences and Lookalike targeting
tools to achieve the goal. Posting testimonials from happy clients and quoting
word of mouth is the best advertising strategy on social media. Leverage
Pinterest and Houzz to show off attractive photos of your best work and

7. Pay Per Click Advertisement (PPC)

Paid search on Google, Bing, or other search engines is a great digital
marketing move. This is especially profitable when you have a medium to large
scale marble business. PPC can increase the visibility of your business on
search engines and lead visitors to your website. Google Adwords, Bing Ad
Center, etc. are effective PPC advertising channels.

Promoting a marble and granite business online requires spending substantial
time in marketing. Hence, consider hiring one of the best digital
marketing companies in USA
to achieve desired results. And let
yourself focus on your core expertise!