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May 31, 2022

Top 8 Tech Trends for Retail Industry in 2022 & Beyond


Key Takeaways:

  • Tech trends: 85% of the small and medium business owners (SMBs) accept technology to be the reason behind their success.
  • Frictionless payment is a must.
  • Tech tools like voice assistants, AI-powered ChatBots, mobile applications, social media marketing, etc are the new normal.

There is no doubt that someday technology will take over this world. It has already paved its way towards booming eCommerce and offline businesses. It’s true that words like AI, AR, and VR are gaining more public attention. 

Technology Trends

When technology is spreading its wings, keeping an eye on the top tech trends might give you an edge over others. WEBanix has got you covered. This blog shares the top 8 tech trends for the retail industry in 2022 and beyond. Keeping the trends in mind, SMBs can work on including and advancing tech in their businesses for better sales and customer interaction.

  1. Enabling frictionless payments

Have you ever liked a product but couldn’t make a purchase because of unavailable payment options? Today’s tech-savvy consumerism has led to high demands for inbuilt payment methods. Frictionless payments add up to the customer shopping experience as it allows them to purchase anything, anywhere, and at any time. A combined approach of using technology-driven multiple payment options can give a boom to your offline as well as an online business. Thus, enabling frictionless payments is the most important among all tech trends.

  1. Online Purchasing

The covid time has highlighted the importance of online marketing and purchasing. At times when physically going and purchasing products and accessories for your store might get tough, one can utilize the best online resources to run their respective businesses effectively. Many people find online purchasing to be a better option just because it cuts off many additional expenses that one might suffer while purchasing goods and commodities offline.

  1. Voice Search

Today, every other mobile application or website has a voice search feature. In fact, no one is left unfamiliar with Google voice search. Using AI-powered voice searching enables easy product accessibility. You could surely relate to voice assistants like “Amazon’s Alexa” for ordering your day-to-day products. Reports witness 40 million Alexa users in the US alone which adds a big amount to the total revenue of Amazon.

  1. Mobile Apps

Enabling mobile apps is one of the booming tech trends. A wide number of online shoppers rely on mobile devices as mobile eCommerce has raised to 72.9 percent of the total market share. Today’s customers seek easy accessibility with mobility. Amid this, offering a mobile-friendly website or using a mobile application can attract more customer eyes. You can check out the amazing app (Android and iOS) development services offered by the skilled team at WEBanix.

  1. Video Marketing

It wouldn’t be wrong to admit that video marketing is changing the future of marketing worldwide. Social Media is in itself a new eCommerce giant which helps grow new businesses every day. Instagram reels and YouTube shorts are among the top tech trends. Social selling and marketing tools like videos and posts are already being used by 71% of sales professionals and 90% of top salespeople.

  1. Live Streaming

What could be a better option for customer interaction than live streaming? Live streaming holds two-way benefits. It allows customers to comfortably stay at their homes while they have a live real-time interaction with their favourite product supplier.  

  1. Retail with no user interface

It’s interesting how tech allows us to do amazing activities just with our touch. But in the fast-changing world, a zero user interface is catching more attention. Zero UI works on the idea of no to zero screen time. Voice assistants and ChatBots are some minute steps toward making zero user interface.

  1. Supply Chain Efficiency & Transparency

Supply chain efficiency and transparency are some of the leading tech trends. Today, a brand that’s transparent leads the market. Supply chain efficiency and transparency not only attract customer trust but also attract many nearby markets and suppliers. 

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Amidst this, these tech trends listed above might help you to get more public attention towards your store which can eventually lead to increased sales.

Hence, one can directly contact us for our services. We are happy to participate in making your marketing journey more flourishing by utilizing these top 8 tech trends for retail 2022. We wish you luck in your sales!