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February 20, 2023

Task Managing Software For Small Business


All businesses, no matter how big or small, need some kind of technical assistance, like good task-managing software in order to ensure hassle-free and smooth functioning. Gathering funds and hiring big and expensive digital marketing companies to do this job is relatively easier for large-scale businesses. But when it comes to small-scale businesses, hiring agencies for managing your tasks is not affordable, which brings the need for task-management software.  In this blog, we will tell you why managing tasks are necessary and how companies like WEBaniX can help you provide effective software to manage your business with ease. 

Need for Task Management Software for Small Businesses

Project management is surprisingly easy in a small corporate environment. Yes, there are fewer participants and fewer steps to take. However, large companies frequently employ separate project managers for sales, product development, and marketing. On the contrary hand, the project manager for a small organization is typically responsible for managing several different departments.

Let us consider some of the most used task-managing software that people usually go for –

  • Asana for ultimate project flexibility 
  • Trello for the most generous free plan
  • Paymo for managing projects across multiple clients
  • Wrike for managing projects via email 
  • Nifty for a simple project management app
  • ClickUp for customised project views
  • GoodDay for working with multiple project management methodologies

However, you must remember that these are the most commonly used software, so obviously they manage and handle a huge number of clients. But what we are offering you is something you might not get anywhere else with so many custom-made functions to make your business completely customised for you. 

Task Management Software

WEBaniX’s Task Management Software  

Let us read in a bit of detail about the peculiar features of our task-managing software

1. Collaboration 

WEBaniX offers the best collaborations with clients and customers. Project success doesn’t occur in a vortex. All of the apps on the list include some form of in-app collaboration, such as integrated chat or file sharing or a reliable tool integration.

2. Task Planning 

You should be able to divide your job into easy-to-manage tasks by using an excellent free task management tool. Additionally, there must be a choice to arrange and rank assignments according to need.

3. Scheduling 

The main feature our software offers is the proper streamlining of tasks. Hourly, weekly, or monthly planning makes it simpler to avoid skipping critical activities and facilitates tracking of advancement. Activity scheduling is improved by notifications and reminders since they keep you awake and prevent you from spending too much time on a single task.

4. Recurring Tasks 

A single task may occasionally serve many projects when it pertains to commercial initiatives. For instance, it is possible to schedule various teams to update time cards at the end of the week on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. For this reason, we provide the best algorithms to schedule your recurring tasks. 

5. Time Tracking 

The ability to keep a record of the time spent on each task is essential for simplifying labour. By doing so, you can gauge how much time each activity takes if it is worthwhile, and how it affects the project as a whole both in terms of time and expense. 

Not just task managing software, but we offer a wide range of other software development products too that can help you optimise and manage work effectively.

WEBaniX’s Task managing software not just streamlines your work and manages your tasks by offering the above-mentioned features, but also has many more applications like budgeting features, creating priorities, and reporting and visualisation features. So, without even thinking twice, you must use best-in-class software for your small-scale business – and even larger ones. Connect with our experts to know more about our software services.