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May 30, 2022

Differences Between Front-end and Back-end Development


What is the frontend and backend development? You may get this question if you are new to coding. Some of you might have heard about full-stack development as well. If you are completely a newbie to a website development process and wish to get a glimpse of it, then this article is for you. You will be familiar with these terms and their functions by the end of this post. Read on to know more. 

What is a Front End Developer? 

A Front End Developer uses technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Here the developer designs and constructs the user experience elements on the web page. This includes menus, pages, buttons, graphics, etc. The front-end developer implements the website or application’s behavior, structure, and content. The frontend developer also ensures the performance and responsiveness of the site. 

Here are some of the front end frameworks and libraries:

  • Angular JS 
  • React.js
  • jQuery 
  • SASS
  • Flutter

What is a Back End Developer? 

The Back End Developer is also referred to as the server-side developer. Back End developer focuses on the side of the website that users can not see. They help make the site interactive and manage the database and the site contents stored on the server. They ensure that the frontend elements can continue to function properly whenever the user browses the content on the website. Primarily backend developers work on building code, troubleshooting and debugging web applications, framework utilization, and database management. 

Here are the languages used by back end developers: 

  • PHP
  • C++
  • Java
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Node.js

Here are the frameworks used by Back End Developers 

  • Express
  • Django 
  • Rails 
  • Laravel 
  • Spring

What is the difference Between Front End and Back End Developer?

Frontend and Backend Developers are different from each other however they work together to create amazing websites and applications. Here we will see major differences between frontend and backend developers.

They work on different sides of the website.

The FrontEnd Developer works on the front part of the website where users can interact with things like design, navigating menus, videos, text, images, etc. The back-end developer works on the part of the website that the user can not see. 

They have different strengths. 

Different website developers possess different strengths. Both of these website development processes are important. In the case of front-end and back-end, front-end developers implement the visual components on a website. In contrast, the backend developers work on the server-side of the development. They primarily focus on website architecture and database scripting. 

They work with different languages 

Front and Back end developers work with different languages to build their programs while working on the website development. These languages help them to communicate with computers through a series of codes. Front End Developers work on HTML, CSS, and Javascript. 

Front End Developers also work on the Libraries and Frameworks. Here are a few: 

  • AngularJS
  • React.js
  • jQuery
  • Sass

Back End Developers work on the languages like PHP, Ruby, C++, JavaScript, and Node.js while working on the server-side of the website development. 

Back End Developers work with frameworks as well. Here are a few:

  • Express
  • Django
  • Rails 
  • Laravel
  • Spring

They Work together to create awesome applications. 

Front End and Back End Developers are the two sides of the coin, and therefore they always go together while working on the website development project. They both are an important part of the website development process to make it visually appealing. Users can see the visual aspects of the website, which frontend developers implement, and backend developers handle everything that happens in the background of the website. Therefore they both equally contribute to the smooth running of the website. A full-stack developer is someone who gets the best of both worlds and therefore works on both sides of the website. 


We are sure that by now, you would have got a clear idea of the website development process and the people behind it who make it fabulous. Are you planning to build a website? If yes, then WEBaniX will help you with a full-stack developer who can work on both website areas. Connect with our expert and get started with your website today.