June 07, 2022

Winning Digital Marketing Tips For Handicraft Business


Many of us have beautiful memories of falling in love with handicrafts at a local fair. Or at a rustic shop in a bustling market that made us value the simple things in life. Today, handicrafts have gone beyond that local fair or that bustling market into a world of opportunities. In 2019, the Indian handicrafts industry brought to the country an export revenue of around 130 billion rupees. To put the massive growth of this industry into perspective, this revenue was almost four times that in 2011.  

Indian handicrafts have an enormous market both domestically and internationally. To tap the unprecedented potential of this ever-expanding market, our handicrafts businesses must use the digital world to their advantage. Digital marketing, with its far-reaching and extremely potent impact, is the mantra of the decade. As one of the best digital marketing companies in USA, we have some tips to promote your handicraft business online.

Build An Online Presence

Start with carving out a place for yourself in the online bazaar. The best way to do that is by building your own handicrafts website, with a personal touch that cannot be mirrored. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a plethora of website development options. If you want an independent website, you can hire WordPress developers. If you wish to link your business to existing online marketplaces like Shopify, you can hire some talented Shopify developers.

Showcase Your Handicrafts

It is important that your website has an intimate uniqueness that can attract customers from around the world. Since handicrafts must appeal to the visual sense, your website must be filled with actual photographs of your products. Be they Jaipur’s block-printed fabrics, Indore’s leather toys, Kashmir’s Pashminas, or Itanagar’s bamboo crafts – showcase the beauty of your handicrafts. Also, use your website to describe how exquisite the villages and cities are from where the products originate. It is bound to draw in more customers. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is great that you now have a website with beautiful images to highlight your handicrafts. But with that, you also need great product descriptions that explain the product quality, materials, etc. However, to sell more handicrafts, your business needs to be conspicuous among the many other similar businesses out there. You must turn up in web searches by potential customers. This requires the use of SEO. Hire some creative SEO experts to make your business website more visible online.  

Marketing for your handicrafts business

Spread The Word On Social Media

In today’s world, your business’ social media presence is equivalent to currency. It is a ticket to markets and customers that you could not have reached with traditional means. Thus, from microblogging to video-sharing platforms, masterful business owners should be able to leverage them all. For your handicrafts business, Instagram and YouTube will serve as excellent social media marketing platforms. Design an in-depth strategy to use these platforms effectively as they are more visuals-specific. 

Sell On Third-Party Marketplaces

Expert entrepreneurs recommend choosing between affiliate marketing or selling on marketplaces. Affiliate websites help increase sales on your website while also enhancing brand visibility. Whereas the latter helps in increasing sales without investing too much in marketing. Get creative with selling on third-party marketplaces and see how you may discover untapped audiences. However, ensure you choose the marketplaces carefully. For example, Etsy and Amazon Handmade are leading marketplaces for handicrafts. Selling here improves brand exposure eventually leading to sales. 

Keep Expanding Your Horizons

The above-explained digital marketing tips are not the only ones to help you. Do try experimenting with other tactics like email marketing, blogging, paid advertisements, etc. And see what works best for your business. 

Further, to sell your products to the international audience, you need to customize your website as well as marketing strategy accordingly. Hire business consultants in USA to know how you can turn your handicrafts business around!