Digital Marketing |
June 10, 2022

The Most Effective Ways To Generate Leads For School Or University Online?


Schools, colleges, and universities heavily invest in traditional marketing media such as newspapers, billboards, and brochures. However, diverting a part of this investment online can fetch more sustainable results. Expert digital marketing companies in USA can also assure you of this. 

Each educational institution has its own culture, co-curricular activities, learning programs designed for specific age groups. Digital marketing gives that opportunity to draw the target student base – and hook them in a way that they fill the application form. 

Here are some effective ways! 

360 Degree Virtual Tour

Every parent loves to see the campus and other amenities inside a university before they decide to enroll their child. Today, what could be better than a professional online video that provides a 360-degree virtual tour of your entire campus. It is one of the most powerful tools of communication that also helps in out-of-state admissions. Distribute this video to a mass audience by uploading it to your Facebook and LinkedIn pages. You can also upload the video on Youtube and start your own Youtube channel. Such immersive tours allow parents to get a sense of your campus premises from the comfort of their homes.

Informative Blogs

A dedicated blog section on your website is generally very successful for schools and colleges. 

You have the opportunity to educate on plenty of things and connect with parents and students on different levels. You can publish informative articles emphasizing the value of further education in securing a job. Add how you’ve helped a graduate get there. Besides, you can write about behind-the-scenes life on your campus. Provide tips to maximize study time, on-campus event news, special scholarship opportunities, and much more.

Strategic SEO

Whether your articles reach your target audience or not completely depends on the implementation of SEO strategy. For example, when parents move to a new location they want to know about the best schools around. Hence, the first thing they do is enter terms like ‘best school in USA’ or ‘USA top school’ in search engines. It is important to find out the most used keywords and use them strategically in the blog posts you publish on your website. Hiring SEO services in USA can help your school or university website rank high in the search engines.  

Active Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media channels are used by billions worldwide. So, your educational institution must maintain an active presence on the leading channels. You need to focus on both posting fresh information and enhancing your brand by engaging in relevant discussions. You can directly connect with parents and students by running polls, asking questions, and linking them to your website. SMM services in USA highly regard social media campaigns that target a specific age group of students.

LinkedIn gives you a unique medium to engage with your students and alumni. Have a LinkedIn page for your school or college and connect with ex-students and experts in the education industry. This will greatly strengthen your brand reputation. 

Enter Knowledge Graph

If your school/university website appears in the knowledge graph on Google, you are inclined to grab more attention. Knowledge graph will appear on the top right corner with details including name, address, contact number, reviews, etc. Google captures your institute data from multiple sources to organize and show it on the graph. However, this calls for technical expertise which you can obtain from one of the best digital marketing companies in USA. But to gain a strong position by leveraging the knowledge graph you need to ensure your reviews are positive. 

Google Analytics Benchmark

The latest analytics study by Oho Interactive, US shows that mobile traffic is increasingly growing with regards to higher education websites. The findings conclude with the fact that content on these websites is not engaging as required. This affects users’ mobile experience and the time they spend on the website. Therefore, higher education websites should take it as an immense priority to improve their website experience as per their target audience’s expectations. For this, you can tap into the expertise of professional website development companies in USA.