Our Brand Story

WEBaniX is a privately held IT industry founded in 2018, operating in the US and India. We continually enhance our information technology services that include custom software development, website design, technology migration, and search engine optimization. Additionally, we provide solutions such as content management systems, online awards management, technology consultations, and mobile apps, among others.


We are proud to offer a broad range of technology stacks in-house, enabling us to provide top-notch services to our clients. Our ability to cover a wide spectrum of technology helps us deliver high-quality solutions and meet the diverse needs of our clients.

WEBaniX Solutions

We adopt a genuine consulting approach to help our clients define their goals and requirements. We understand that strategy should drive every technology initiative, and we blend the two to provide appropriate technology solutions. We create custom-designed solutions that cater to specific business needs, so clients are not constrained to work with off-the-shelf solutions.


Enabling the interoperability of heterogeneous systems is our primary forte. We have catered to over 450 clients from a variety of sectors such as healthcare, e-commerce, logistics, real estate, insurance, and more, delivering exceptional services. We understand that software forms the backbone of our client’s operations and our partnership with them has resulted in both financial and technical benefits.

Our Team

Himanshu Arya CEO

Himanshu Arya

Operations and Execution

Co- Founder & CEO
Ved Shukla COO

Ved Shukla

Sales and Marketing

Co-Founder & COO

Why Choose Us?

Experienced Team

At WEBaniX, we are proud to be a part of building the championship team that strives to make a difference every day.

Efficient and Cost-effective Delivery

We understand that time is money, so we communicate with our clients effectively. Also, we set realistic deadlines and stick to them.


Being one of the reliable technology companies in the USA, we believe in doing business with integrity, sincerity and honesty.

Unique Strategy

All businesses are distinctive and our strategy is unique. The approach for the end product that is delivered to the client is always result-driven and up to mark.